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The van is for hire only including our driver whenever it is used for business/giging/touring purposes. After a gig far away, we want to make sure that the driver had time to rest - which he would be able to do by sleeping in the back of the van when you guys are jumping on stage for two hours. The van can be hired for 6 musicians and our driver and will suit a band equiped with a light backline. If you have sub woofers, monitors, lighting rigs and massive amps it will be too small. However, if in doubt please ask!

6 musicians + our driver, light music and lighting gear.
The typical party/function band rig for a 4-6 piece
band will fit in the back. the more equipment the more
cramped it will be for the guys since the last row of seats would need to be slid ahead living less room for the legs.
ie. 2 front speakers such as Mackie 450, 16 channels
mixer, bass + guitar combo amps, standard drum kit
and a couple of keyboards, 2 stage monitors of small
size, bass and guitar, 4-8 Par56 lighting spots.
The stands... and a few bags; that's about the max.
Of course the smallest the band the more space
for the equipment.

You should always come and have a look at the van
to decide whether it fits your purpose. Any hiring is
contracted and does not cater for cancelation.
This said, you do not want to find at the last minute
that it is too small, isn't it!

Initial pick-up and return:
For all type of hiring, our driver will meet the band members and their equipment at one meeting point convenient for all and will bring you back at the same spot.



Conditions of hiring:

A standard contract amended to your specification will be agreed upon.. We are not responsible for any delay and consequences. We do not insure our music equipment against any damage or loss. Cigaret smoking is at the discretion of our driver- nothing else can be smoked in the van. It is per law forbiden to carry any illegal drugs and our driver is entitled to cancel the contract at any time during a trip in case of misbehaviour or illegal conduct.

Cost of hiring:
Feel free to ask whether we can help you within your buget.
Our standard prices are;

*Van: £100 per day (up to 280 miles return) and £0.40 per added mile on the same day.
*Days discount: £90 day 2 and £80 per day folowing days. Only £0.20 per mile over 400 miles.
*Driver: £80 up to 6 hours driving per day (including breaks).
£10 per added hour. Maximum is 8 hours per day incl. breaks.
*Days discount: £60 per day from day 2.
You must play the fuel for the whole trip
Starting - return point:
Our price apply from and back to SE23.

Different types of van hire for bands:

One off gigs in the United Kingdom or abroad:
Our driver picks you up at the agreed meeting point, drives you to the gig wherever it is, and brings you back. He is not supposed to carry your equiment.

If the gig is very far be aware that he will need breaks and this should be taken in consideration in your schedule. For safety reasons, he is the only judge of whether he will need to sleep
or not during the trip and may request accomodation for that purpose - inwhich case you would be notified at the signature
of the contract.

He is not a taxi driver, so bring with you precise directions.

Several gigs in a row - touring:
A schedule and detailed locations of the venues is of course needed
and we will work out the best and quickest itinary. Accomodation will have to be provided to our driver.
Touring abroad:
The van may be hired for band tours abroad for periods of several days or several weeks.

This van looks good. It is always a plus when arriving at a gig - rather than having the band members packed in the back of a Ford Transit!...
This van is a very comfortable people carrier. The seats are spacious and in pristin conditions. They can be set-up in different postions, and if you do not have a big volume of equipment and go as a 4-piece for example, the back seats can fold back for better rest/sleep.
This van is quite safe with a diesel engine, automatic gear box, and excellent breaks. it has less than a hundred thousand miles at this date and - even though it can always happen is not likely to break down on the way to the gig. Of course we have comprehensive insurance and rescue, in case. It will be driven by our driver only, who knows it well and has a very good record. There is more to it, such as lights turning on automatically when night falls etc.

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